You have probably figured out by now that we picked a real piece of work when it comes to this house.  One of the most frustrating aspects we are currently facing is trying to get the house into a livable state.  That means no pests, working kitchen/bathroom/etc., and everything is clean.  It doesn’t sound all that difficult, but the reality is that every single time we touch something we find out that it was done completely wrong.  And, not just a little wrong but really stupidly wrong.  This means that we are going back and having to redo a lot of stuff. Like fix the bathroom completely.  Redo flooring.  Fix windows, paint everything, buy lots and lots and lots of stuff, and still manage to find more stuff to fix or replace.

My visual example of how terrible this place is happens to be found in the garage.  But, it is a reflection on what can be found throughout the whole property.

If you aren’t catching everything going on in this picture, I will break it down for you.  First, there is a triple outlet connecting one extension cord to another.  Second, the one extension cord has been sliced up past the plug.  Third, the cord is plugged into two different outlets at the same time.  Fourth, they have done this before but on the two outlets to the left of the cord as seen by the scorch marks on the triple outlet.  So, we have a plethora of issues at hand here.  And, I won’t even mention how they are getting power to the garage (or that the garage previously burned down to this garage).

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3 Responses to Layers of a Really Rotten Onion

  1. Nikki and I have an electrician friend that would probably start foaming at the mouth at the sight of that.

  2. That beats my electrical issue in my garage. The previous over decided it was too much effort to put an electrical box by the garage door opener, so he got one of those lightbulb to non grounded electical outlet converters. So the only way to supply power to the garage door opener was to keep the light turned on the entire time. It would shoot sparks out every time you opened the garage door.

    Congrats, you guys win.

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