Things are coming along at the house. It’s starting to look like moving in isn’t some far-off fantasy. We created a list of things that need to be done for each room in order to move in, and we’ve been crossing them off as we finish. One of the bigger projects was the trim. Sarah removed much of the trim around the doors and windows in the kitchen because they were disgustingly dirty and the area behind them was packed with dead roaches (Ew). We cleaned everything out, Sarah and her mom washed all of the trim, and I put them back up with the help of Dean’s compressor and brad nailer.

Door edge

Not all of the pieces were salvageable, and with the pre-hung doors we put not being as tall or wide as the openings, we had to case in some spaces. The end result is a bit, uh, rustic, but it will work. We want everything closed up tightly and caulked so that in the event any of the nasty bugs are left alive they’ll be stuck in the walls and not in our cereal boxes.

It’s been time consuming. We got all of the doors and windows encased, put quarter round in the kitchen at the baseboard, and now are going around and filling all the gaps with spray foam, wood fill, joint compound, and caulk. We’ve gone through more than twenty tubes of caulk and are just about done with everything.

Installing trim


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