Well we finally made it. Sorry there aren’t any pictures. The last few days were a scramble to get the last items done at the house, get the condo packed, and then Saturday it happened. The rain didn’t help, but with the help of Sarah’s family we got the condo emptied, the storage unit emptied, the downstairs storage emptied, the garage emptied… and the house filled.

When I say filled, I mean we’re wading through boxes and randomly placed furniture and trying to find every little thing that we need. Sunday, rather than make serious progress unpacking we went shopping, because clearly, the house needed more stuff. We bought some storage for the bathroom, as well as some racks to hang our pots and pans on, since there’s significantly less cupboard and counter space. We ordered a new trash can and cheap window shades from Amazon and got the computers set up in the office.

Yesterday and tonight we’re working on the condo, getting it cleaned up so we can rent it. I’ll be putting up the listing today. Hopefully we can find some good people quickly. Sarah did all the touch up painting yesterday and I got the replacement drop ceiling tiles into the laundry room. Tonight we’ll clean the kitchen and bathroom and sweep the floors.

Hopefully tomorrow we can start getting the house in order. I need to put a phone jack into the office for the DSL and replace the drain in the tub. I’d also like to get the living room furniture arranged, and Sarah wants to get the kitchen and bathroom sorted. When we’ve got it all put together I’ll do a new video walk-through of the upstairs so we’ll have a nice before and after.


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  1. Neat! I can’t wait to see the new walk through viddeo!

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