It has been a long process. Almost two months since we have closed and we still aren’t quite ready to move in.

However, I would be remiss if I did not thank my family and our friends for their help over these past two months.

Matt B. looking VERY tired after all of his hard work

Thank you Aaron, Eileen, Collin, and David for your awesome demoing and gardening skills. Thank you Matt L. for helping us move big items. Thank you Will for helping us remove cabinets and flooring. Thank you Matt B. for sacrificing your vacation days to come down and help. Thank you Dean and Siobhan for everything that you did, especially for the use of your truck and the kitchen appliances. Thank you Meg and Eriq for helping us install various items, clean walls, and the air conditioner. We have used it more than a few times! Thank you James for helping with the kitchen, the microwave/ladder, and for stopping by to see if we needed anything. Thank you Nikki and Rob for also helping us transport big items, for lending out your awesome tools, and for the amazing ceiling fans that you found. Thank you Tony and Jenn for the free dishwasher. The loan/gift of various appliances have made it so we can afford to do the structure right away. The free labor also helps us with this goal.

Sarah’s Dad

And, a very, very big thank you to my parents who helped us out every single week. Without your generosity with help and tools we would not be moving in on the 20th. You really do spoil the hell out of me. And if you ever need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to ask. We are just a phone call away. 🙂

And, if I forgot anyone, thank you so much for everything! We have the best family and friends we could ever dream of.

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