Wow, Shelving

No updates recently because it hasn’t been very interesting. Everyone is familiar with the post-move-in unpacking and organization. We bought shelves for the closet, as you can see. HOBO had some nice wire shelves on sale. I installed the touchpad deadbolt on the back door, but it won’t do anything cool until I get the control center. That allowed me to play musical locksets, where I moved the deadbolt that was previously on the back door to the garage, so I could install a non-locking handle there and move the locking handle to the basement back door. I also installed the new front door knob, one of the handle variety.

Besides that, I’m running some CAT 6 cable for the phone line to the office. Currently the only working phone jack is downstairs, so we have our Internet router in the foyer and an Ethernet cable running up the stairs to the office. I’m putting a jack in the office, and then we’ll only need to run a cable to the living room so we can hook up the TV, media PC, and Xbox. I measured how much cable I’d need and cut it, got onto the roof of the back porch and lowered one end down the back of the house, and fed the other end into the attic through one of the many, many holes along the eave (see photo for laughably terrible roofing). I still need to fish it down the office wall, but it was getting dark and it was about a hundred and fifty million degrees in the attic, so I elected to finish the project later.

Roof Eave

We installed some really cheap window shades, those accordion-folded paper things. We were originally going to get mini-blinds from IKEA, but they don’t carry the metal ones anymore. Instead they have these wood blinds that feel like balsa wood and yet cost about double what the metal ones did. Oh well. The paper shades were sold in six packs on Amazon and while they’re not the best, like everything we’ve doing upstairs so far, it’s only temporary.

In the mean time, Sarah has been unpacking, putting her library of cook books on shelves, decorating, and throwing empty boxes out the back window so I could break them down in the back yard. Our new double garbage can for the kitchen is in at Walmart, but now that Sarah has informed me we’re now composting, as well as saving aluminum cans separately from the other recycling in addition to the already separate paper recycling, we actually need some sort of mutant five-can garbage sorting station like you see at rest areas.

The previously-promised video will be shot as soon as we’ve gotten the rest of our crap put away. We decided to take a break and go camping this weekend, so hopefully it’ll be next week sometime.


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