Debris bagged

There’s still a lot of work to be done in the basement, but it’s definitely over the hump. Sarah and I got the remaining debris bagged up, ready to be taken out to the curb. I pulled down all the studs left on the South wall. There’s still drywall on some of the ceiling, mostly in areas that have gas lines and electrical in the way. I’ve decided to leave the crazy gas lines for the time being, since hopefully we can just run a new line when the new HVAC equipment goes in and skip consolidating and re-routing the five existing lines.

Lumber pile

I’ve been piling up the lumber in one of the rooms. We’ll go through it and remove screws and nails so we can use some of it for forms and temporary supports. A lot of it is moldy, rotten, and/or chewed through, plus Sarah is convinced they’ll spawn cockroaches if we try to reuse them permanently.

I also need to get the light switches for the lights we’re keeping out of the center wall. I’m not sure exactly where I’ll put them, but there’s definitely more electrical to be done in preparation for the structural work. Focus will probably shift for the next week or so to getting a space in the garage cleared out for some drywall we’re getting from Sarah’s sister and brother-in-law. They scored a couple tons of it from Freecycle and don’t need all of it for their house, so we just need to make room for it, since it’s all 4×12 sheets.


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