So, the next step in this process (now that we have the basement mostly cleared out) is getting an architect and having a blueprint made.  At one point we debated either trying to skip this or do it later, but with the possibility that the structure work would be changed by the blueprints we decided to do this first.  It was just the logical choice when we sat down and went over the big picture.

Below we have a rough sketch of what the backyard and garage will look like when it is done.  Matt did this all from scratch and you can see that he’s very talented.  If he had decided to finish his degree in architecture, I am sure that he would have made a great architect.

Back Yard Model

With Derek needing a little less maintenance these days, we plan on finishing the demo in the basement shortly and possibly starting the next project (which hasn’t been determined yet).  We are both super excited to be going onto the next step/project, especially after seeing Marcus’s renovation progress at his Open House this last weekend.   We were glad that he hosted it, as he’s much further along in his renovation.  We were able to see what ours will similarly look like in the future (in terms of the guts of the walls and some of the utility setup).  You can see Matt, Derek, and I in the video on Marcus’s post about the Open House.   I can’t wait until our house is looking that good!

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  1. There are 7,600 acres of Chicago Parks, not counting the Cook County Forest Preserve. I think we’ll be ok.

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