Fence Before

I’m not a big fan of fenced-in front yards. I think they make a home seem unwelcoming, and a street of them feels closed off. However, there are some good reasons to keep it and for now at least it’s going to stay. Given that, I needed to do something about the white finials. Maybe this is a personal preference thing, but I think they look terrible. Maybe if they were painted well it would be another matter, but they’re rusty and crappy.

I started by sanding down all of the bubbling paint on the fence with steel wool. I used a wet rag to remove dirt, cobwebs, wind-blown seeds and all the other detritus that had accumulated. Then, wearing a black shirt and goggles, with a piece of cardboard as a shield, I spray painted everything that wasn’t black.

Fence After

I think the end product looks a lot better. While I was at it I also painted the railing on the porch. This was one of the rare aesthetic improvements we’ve made to the exterior of the house and I’m glad I finally found a warm, dry day to do it.


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  1. Personally, I would have kept them white but painted the tips reddish brown on some of them and tied mutilated plush squirrels to the posts. Nothing detours thieves, Avon Marketers, and Mormons like cultivating a “crazy” vibe.

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