As if the rats, roaches, ants, and flies weren’t enough…  Our dear Mother Nature decided today to put in her two cents.  As we were working on grouting the bathroom tiles at the new house, we started hearing a popping noise.  Matt thought that it was fireworks at first, but the sound was very close.  Like our front yard close.  I went to investigate and found that the popping noise was actually hail the size of golf balls hitting our porch awning.  It was literally raining ice balls within a minute and car alarms were going off up and down the streets around us.  One of the porch windows did not survive the hail, but it was a crappy window so we don’t mind too much.

Thank goodness our car was in the awful garage that came with the house.  I am ever so thankful for that POS garage right now after seeing the cars on our block.  We are not thankful for the gaping holes in said garage that allowed wind to knock siding onto our car tonight and dent the hood.  Poor car. 🙁

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  1. Man two rims, a rear window and now this, you just can’t catch a break with that car. Sorry man.

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