New debris pile

Last post I was proud to display the empty section of the basement that was previously filled with drywall debris. Well, there’s crap in it again, mostly due to moving an existing pile from one room to another in order to  consolidate. Then we added some more debris from the bedroom ceilings, from around the windows, and from the ceiling above the gas lines and steam pipes. Oh well, back to bagging.

Almost no bags

On a more positive note, the last two weeks have gotten most of the room full of already-bagged debris out to the curb. While that just means we need to get to work bagging the stuff in the first photo, it’s still progress and means things are looking a bit better overall.

Basement lighting

Ugh. Sorry these pictures are so blurry. I should really use the camera instead of my phone, but when I use my phone I tend to actually post to the blog, whereas when I take them with the camera they sit on the camera for a long time before I upload them to my computer, and then sit on the computer until I upload them to Flickr, and finally sit on Flickr until I pick some out to put into posts.

Anyway, I re-routed the electrical in the basement so that instead of having separate rooms each with a light switch located in the center wall, there’s a single switch by the basement door that turns on all the lights. In addition, the boiler and the freezer are now on their own circuit, which simplifies future changes. This was especially important since the center wall will be going away once we get the structural work done.


On a separate note, this past weekend we got our previously mentioned two tons of drywall. It’s in a neat not-so-little pile in the garage. Rob and sons arrived with the trailer Saturday morning and we quickly unloaded it. We’re probably not going to be installing new drywall in the near future, but when we do, we’ll be ready.

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