State of things

State of things

I talked a while back about the need to get the subfloor in, and how we wanted to hire it out. So far that hasn’t happened. We put out a few requests for quote, one came back quite high, one never got back to us, and one said that we didn’t actually need to level the floor. Since I don’t want a ¾” slope in the floor, I started work on the back section myself with the help of Mike, Sarah’s dad. It’s been slow going, though we haven’t exactly been working on it constantly. We made a little progress last weekend but got sidetracked insulating the attic, which incidentally has been a marked improvement.

I’m trying to work out how long it’s going to take to do, but there are a lot of variables involved. For example, Sarah’s in the midst of writing final papers and we’re heading into the holidays, so I don’t have a ton of optimism about making much progress the rest of the year. We’re taking a much needed vacation in early January, but I’m hoping to switch into high gear after that. With Sarah done with grad school I should be able to devote a lot more time in the evenings to working on the house. I also expect that once I figure out the best process for leveling the floor and get the hang of it, it should go faster than it has thus far.

The sooner we get the subfloor done, the sooner we can get heat in the first floor (assuming Lester ever finishes the boiler install). It’s also the sooner we can frame, spray foam, and start really making progress. If I can finish the subfloor by the end of January, I really think there’s a chance we could move into the first floor by the end of the year (2014). I may be delusional, but so long as we hire out the electrical and plumbing and don’t run into too many surprises, it seems like it’s possible.

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